Who’s “Got Milk” in their sights?

There was a time when being vegetarian in the United States was viewed as something of a social or political statement, but that is passe now: in many circles, especially those espousing animal liberation, the choice is vegan or nothing. The consumption of dairy — and the dairy industry itself — is viewed with particular disdain by many modern activists, so it is no surprise they’d take an ends justify the means approach — facts be damned — in grossing you away from drinking milk. There are also a remarkable number who are selling dairy-free milk and cheese products, as well, but surely that is a coincidence.

Below are a few choice quotes from animal rights activists who have targeted dairy. Do you think these statements represent an objective view of what is in your glass of milk?

In Their Own Words

  • “The only way to completely remove your support from the cruelty within animal agriculture is to stop eating meat, milk, and eggs.” — Derek Coons, Mercy for Animals Board Member
  •  “[Promoting the consumption of dairy/milk] is not only ruining our bodies, but it also supports and exemplifies the degrading way in which we treat female bodies and reproductive health.” – Mackenzie L. April, “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems”
  • “Milk production is […] the most dark and wicked part of all farming – Chas Newkey-Burden, “Dairy is Scary”
  • This billboard from 2000, which led to a rare apology and withdrawal from PeTA, speaks for itself.

  • “Dairy is murder for profit. Rape for profit. Child abduction for profit. And slavery for profit..” – Bennett Ross, “DAIRY IS BEYOND SCARY IT IS EVIL”
  • “There is nothing natural about a human being stealing the milk intended for a nursing calf.” — Daniel Hauff-Lazar, “Sucking on Cow-Teats”


However you feel about milk is your business. But when its critics paint it as “beyond scary, but evil” (and are more often than not trying to sell you on dairy alternatives) you might want to consider the source and investigate for yourself, before making up your mind…